See How!

Families can now afford their own websites, custom scrapbooks, videos, and various other family oriented products and services.

Digital scrapbook pages are an ideal way to help preserve memories for future generations. Custom pages are created for any and every occasion and are printed on high quality matte or glossy paper and are saved to DVD for your viewing pleasure on other digital devices.
A family website is the perfect way to keep your family and friends abreast of what is happening in your life. Photo galleries, calendars, videos, newletters, and blogs shared with only those you choose to share with. Private, secure and safe for your family.
Imagine your great, great, grandchildren being able to hear your voice, see your face and hear stories about you, from you. Imagine passing down the legacy of your life to future generations via video recordings. This is what we offer you with our Video Legacy recordings.

Your Own Family Website

Most people want to keep in touch with their friends and family which is why sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are so popular today. However, not every family wants the world to see everything about themselves or their family posted on Facebook or other sites. That’s where having your own family website comes in. With your own family website you are able to share what you want, with who you want, without ads, unwanted solicitations, and more privacy. It is the perfect way for families to keep in touch and still keep it private.

Stay Connected

The whole family can stay connected online by sharing photos, videos and stories in one place.

Share Privately

Having your own family website allows you to put your family and privacy first. You decide who can view and participate on your website. You are not constantly being asked to be “friends” with someone you may or may not know. You own and control all of your own content, photos and videos. Did you know that when you agree to the terms and conditions on many social networking sites you give them permission to use your photos and videos in anyway they see fit. Not so with your own family website.