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Today, custom web design is more important than ever. However, with the advent of the “build your own website” sites, many businesses are opting for this less expensive option. However, the question you should be asking yourself is this. “Is this the right or best option for my business?” If you just need a pretty online business card and nothing else then maybe you can get away with a build your own website option.

A build your own website option can be quick and fairly easy but there are few important things your website will lack:

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  2. A conversion strategy
  3. A way to bring visitors to your site
  4. A unique professional design
  5. A way to keep in contact with your visitors
  6. An easy way to customize your website

If you opt for a custom website design you have many options at your disposal, as long as you choose the right developer. A good web designer will create a website based on your ideas but especially your brand. After all your brand is who you are. A good custom website designer will provide you with branding, sales, marketing, and give you a unique professional design that your customers will remember.

A website template may be easy and affordable, but it doesn’t make your business successful. A good web designer will ensure that your website will be work towards your business goals and branding. Everything they do will align with your business and your brand, from the navigation to images and the words used as well as how those words look on the page. You will never get this from a build your own website design.

Web designers will work with you to come up with the right colors, fonts, and images. When you use a build your own website template, you will be forced to choose among many options, which could become confusing to you as well as your customers. Many people who try to build their own website often try to incorporate lots of bells and whistles which do nothing to actually enhance your business. Your website is an extension of your business and should be used to bring more sales not just look good. A custom web designer will be focused on your business needs and not be swayed by the many “pretty” things that you find on non-professional built websites.

Another great reason to pay a little extra for a custom website design is SEO. Over the years search engine optimization methods have changed and continue to evolve. This is a discipline all by itself and one that few business owners can do efficiently or effectively themselves. If you don’t do right from the start It will become quite expensive down the road when you have to hire an SEO specialist to fix your website. This basically defeats the purpose of saving that money up front.

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