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Recently, Google announced the roll-out of a mobile-first search index. This was going to be an overhaul of the way Google was handling indexes its search results. For those of us who watch what is going on in the world of SEO and search engine rankings, we have seen (through Twitter) that some changes have been going in the Google mobile site index. There have been some sites (desktop versions) that have started ranking in the Google mobile site index, instead of the actual mobile version of that site. Generally speaking, well coded websites have a version for desktop viewers and a different one for other media devices such as phones and tablets. This is part of the reason why Google created the mobile site index.

The question becomes, why these sites, and what is causing the change? There are any number of reasons this could be happening. Use the link below to view a breakdown of the events over the last few days.

What’s been going on with Google’s mobile indexing?

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