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Custom Website

Read all information below and follow the instructions. Once we have received the information we will contact you with a quote or additional questions. A 50% deposit is required to begin work. We will invoice you and begin work after deposit is received.



  • The Custom Website Package pricing is for one website only. You may order as many websites as you like.
  • If you do not currently have a domain name we can register one on your behalf. You will need to provide up to 20 domain name suggestions in the order you prefer them to help us select a domain name to register on your behalf. We do not guarantee that your first choice for domain registration. Every attempt will be made to choose a domain according to your preferences, we only guarantee that one of your 20 submitted options will be selected. In the event that none of your 20 choices is available, you will be contacted by phone or email in order to suggest other domain names that you may choose.
  • If we secure your domain name for you, you waive your right to that domain name. You may keep the domain name by paying a domain name transfer fee of $40.00 so it is better to obtain your own domain name before starting.

To get started:

  • Fill out the form located HERE.
  • You will need to provide us will all content such as text for pages, images & Logo to be used.
  • Once payment and all required information has been received we will begin the design phase & Register a domain name for you if you don’t already have one. It may take up to 7 days before you receive the first concept look at your new website.
  • After you see the first concept you may request changes. Once modifications have been made a final review will be available for to you to see.
  • After you have approved your site, we will take it live on your server.


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