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Search for the term search engine optimization or SEO and you will find thousands of listings. It is a very specialized discipline and important for anyone who wants their website to work for them. However, creating a website that combines beauty, efficiency, and SEO can be challenging. There are considerations on both sides of the coin. A good designer will understand that an SEO web design is a combination of aesthetics, content, calls to action, on-page and off-page optimization, as well as the coding of the website itself.

Most of the time a business will hire a web designer to create a great looking website before ever thinking about search engine optimization. If the site was not created with search engines in mind then they (the search engines) begin to index the website with non-optimized pages and the initial scoring for relevance is low and would need to be overcome later. This takes time, money and effort and does not come quickly.

The better way to address this issue is to develop the website with proper SEO techniques from the very beginning. Search engine optimization web design is what MannClann Enterprises does for each and every client we build a website for. All that being said does not mean that once the site is finished your search engine optimization is finished. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process but we make sure that your site is ready to continue and was set up correctly from the very beginning.

Below you will find the SEO techniques we use to set up every custom website we create for our customers. One page websites do not follow the same structure and are optimized a bit differently.

  • KEYWORDS – We help you choose your keywords. The whole reason for SEO is that when someone searches for a specific term or word they will find your website. There are a number of tools that can be used to determine the right words to use to get traffic to your site and beat out your competitors.
  • TITLE TAGS – The title tag is the first thing that shows in the results window after you have done your search. We focus on a primary keyword and if possible we add a second or third in the title. We also ensure that every page on your website includes a unique title tag so that you won’t have any duplicate content issues.
  • STRUCTURED DATA – WordPress websites are generated from data that is stored withing their databases. This data is then formatted into HTML code. While search engines can crawl this information the do not always interpret it effectively. Structured data is HTML or possibly JavaSript code that is place within each page and allows the search engine to know exactly what that page is about. Very few websites incorporate this today and this technique alone can give you a foot up on your competition.
  • SITE SPEED – Google now uses the speed at which your website loads and provides content as a ranking factor in their algorithm. It is therefore important to ensure that your site loads fast. There are a number of things we do to ensure this. Many of them are technical and would be boring to you. You can test your site for speed and proper coding on the following sites: GMetrix, Pingdom and Google Page Insights.

As mentioned above search engine optimization is an ongoing process and requires a continual, concentrated effort in order to rank and stay ranked in the top search engines. The steps outlined above are the bare minimum and just the beginning. You can learn more and do it yourself by researching online and trying to decipher what is good information versus what is not or you can sign up for our private lessons which will take you from beginning the process to the most advanced options to rank your website. If neither one of those options appeal to you, simply click the link below and have us do it all for you.

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