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This SEO and Backlinks video will be listed under the SEO and Internet Marketing categories as it encompasses both very well.

Brian takes us through a very good explanation and case study of how to “do SEO and backlinks” in a real world scenario. Anyone can do this and achieve good results as long as you have the time and determination to be consistent in your efforts.

In this case study Brian states:

“Even though backlinks continue to be the cornerstone of Google’s algorithm, it’s clear that user experience (UX) signals influence search engine rankings today.”

This video really encompasses SEO and backlinks as well as some great advice on content marketing and how to get people to stay on your page. The longer you can keep people on your pages the more Google will think it is an important page for that topic and continue to move it up in rankings.

The 3 main methods Brian talks about are:

  • Bucket Brigades – copy writers have used this method for decades. It is simply using words and phrases that make people stay on page. We hear them all the time in commercials. (“But wait, that’s not all”). We find some cheesy but the bottom line is, they work!
  • Benefit driven suhheadings – Breaking up the copy on a page is very important to keep a reader interested and one of the best ways to with subheading. Not just any nilly willy subeheading but one that shows the benefit of your product or service.
  • APP Forumula (Agree, Promise, Preview) – Wehn a visitor comes to your page from Google you only have 2 seconds to keep them interested enough to stick around. The APP forumula will help you to do just that.
    Agree – State the problem and showyour reader that you undertand their concern or issue.
    Promise – Show them there is a better way.
    Preview – Show them exactly what you have in store for them.

There you have it a brief synopsis of this excellent video. I hope this will benefit you in your efforts to rank better and drive more traffic to your website. As always if you just need a professional to do this for you simply click the link below.

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