The Reasons We Only Use WordPress

In 2001 French programmer Michel Valdrighi was working on a blogging platform called b2 or cafelog. He quit developing it in 2002. American blogger Matt Mullenweg and British blogger Mike Little were using the little known b2/cafelog and forked the development into what is now the most popular and well-known content management system in the […]
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Top Local Search Ranking Factors

What is Local SEO? Local Search Engine Optimization is the art of improving your website’s ranking for a specific area like your city or region. If you have a local business, regardless of type, you want your web pages to rank for the search queries that people in your area may type in to find […]
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SEO Web Design

What is SEO Web Design? When people ask about SEO friendly web design, they are usually referring to two different things: website structure and search engine optimization. The first step in creating a successful website is understanding what it needs to do so that visitors will come back again and again. This includes having clear […]
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Digital Marketing - A Small Business Primer

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is marketing that promotes products or brands using electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. The use of digital marketing channels has burgeoned over the years. We can break digital marketing channels into 7 major categories including: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, […]
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Questions to ask your Web Designer

If you’re looking into hiring a web designer or developer to create a site for your small business, you should find this article beneficial. We will go over the many frequently asked questions that have come across to us and answer them for you. It’s very important to ask the potential web designer the right […]
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