SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for any kind of business, regardless of size or type. It is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, (free not paid) traffic from search engine results pages. The goal is not to get more traffic, but quality traffic. The kind that sticks around to buy.


When you begin the conversation about SEO, you must determine whether you want to talk about local or national/international search engine optimization.

While they both focus on placing your business on the first page of search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo), there are important differences in how you approach the task. There are even differences in how each search engine determines ranking factors.

Traditional SEO focuses on improving your organic search results on a national or global scale.

Local SEO concentrates on getting traffic to your website and making your business, farm, or ranch more visible in your local area.
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Local SEO

Do your clients or customers come mainly from your area (city, state, county)? If so, a local SEO campaign is going to be the right decision for your need to rank on search engine pages.

Traditional SEO

Do you have products or services that you sell nationally or internationally? If so, a traditional SEO campaign is what you will need to rank high on search engine pages.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that is specifically created for your business. The goal is to increase the number of web pages found from search queries entered. In doing so, you reach more customers and make more money.

When a potential customer searches for your business or the products and services you sell, you want them to find your site at the top of the search engine results.

Whether you have a new or existing site, there are several strategies that can get traffic to your website and help your site rank higher in the SERPs. You can see some of these in the sidebar.

Ultimately, local SEO helps achieve top rankings so more people can find you, contact you, and/or visit your local business.

I can do local SEO for any locality in the United States.

MannClann Enterprises is based in Colorado Springs, and I specialize in working with local companies , ranches, and farms to improve their presence online and increase their visibility in search engine rankings.

We live and make our home in here in Colorado. Our last daughter (at home) attends school here, and I am 100% invested in seeing that business in Colorado Springs thrive.
For businesses that are looking to increase revenue and gain new customers, local SEO is essential.

Local SEO Strategies

Besides a traditional plan of action for SEO, the following local strategies increase your ranking ability.

Claiming your profile on Google My Business
Adding name, address, and phone number to your site and local directories
Targeting the most relevant, local keywords on your website
Creating location specific pieces of content
Obtaining backlinks from reputable, local websites
Encourage your customers to write reviews
Add proper schema markup

Traditional SEO strategies

When optimizing for traditional SEO, you’ll be using the strategies and perhaps others as well.

Conduct keyword research and target relevant keywords on your website
Create quality, in-depth content about your industry, products, and services
Speed optimization to reduce your website’s load time
On-page and technical steps taken throughout the site
Streamline all code and navigation for quick loads and optimum user experience
Obtain backlinks from reputable websites.

Traditional SEO

What is SEO

People use a lot of different terms when referring to SEO – traditional, national, global, e-commerce, local, etc. While all of these use some overlapping techniques, there are some specific strategies for e-commerce and local SEO that are used alongside traditional techniques.

When a term, phrase, or question, is searched and the first page of the results come up, roughly 70% of all clicks will go to one of the listings in the first five positions. This is the primary reason it’s so important to have a good SEO strategy in place. This is true for both traditional and local.

How do you rank your website?

The answer is SEO, plain and simple. If you look at the sidebar, you will see some strategies used to boost rankings on a national scale.

I wish I could tell you that if you do these things, you will automatically rank at the top of the search engine results. No one can promise that, however, as a bare minimum, the steps listed in the sidebar are necessary for any kind of ranking at all.


First things first – If you chose me to create your site, you and I have already had a discussion as to the type of customer you are looking for and the important keywords and phrases that they may search for.

If I did not build your site, then that’s a different conversation. For now, we’ll just look at how I would handle your site from the beginning.

Search Engine Optimization is not a static page or simple process. It constantly evolves and changes, and because of this, there is a combination of advanced strategies that also evolve in order to ensure maximum results.

I pride myself on setting you up for success when building your website. Your website will be built and optimized for search engine results from the beginning. It would be silly not to do it that way, although not every designer adheres to that philosophy.

Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint. Some people believe you can just purchase SEO services and magically your website will be at the top of the search results. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Is SEO Expensive?

What is expensive to one person may not be expensive to another? The better question is, “What is the value I receive for the expense I incur?”

The value is in the expertise of your SEO Professional and their ability to rank your website. They are to your website and it’s success what you are to your overall business success.


The SERP – What is it?

Professional SEO’s use the term SERP as an acronym for “Search Engine Result Page.” It’s the page that displays after you’ve typed in your search term and hit enter.

Each search engine displays what it feels are the most relevant pages for that search term. Google is the world’s adopted default search engine, but there are many others.

Each search engine uses a proprietary algorithm to determine what it displays for the search term entered. They base this on the quality of websites along with thousands of other factors.

Since the quality of results is crucial to a search engine’s success, they are constantly trying to improve the algorithm to display the best sites which answer or display the information the searcher entered.

When optimizing a page for the SERP, most professionals try hard to get you into the “Snack Pack” which is the first 3 listings under the map and any advertisements. The reason being is that those first 3 listings account for over 50% of the clicks on that page for that specific search term.

SEO Research & Analysis

EVERYTHING starts here. There is no real campaign without this first step. It is sometimes difficult and always tedious, but it is the most crucial part of the process. If you don’t get this done right, then your efforts are in vain.

The first thing to be done is measure what your competitors are already ranking for. This is the same whether it’s a product or a service. This gives a picture of the keywords and phrases that must be targeted.
You have to know who and what you’re up against if you want to win the war.
Here’s a brief checklist of tasks required.

Identify the major competitors. Those which are ranking at the top of the search pages for the terms you want/need to rank for.
Search for keywords or phrases that are not being used by them, or that are being underutilized.
Analyze competitor backlinks. Those are the links from other sites that come into their domain and what pages they are the going to.
Measure search volume of those words and phrases to determine which ones provide the highest return on investment.

Importance of Competitor Research and Analysis

Let’s recap some important factors of SEO competitor analysis.

Know who your top competitors are.
Understand what your competitors are doing to rank their website. SEO, social media, advertisements, etc.
Know the keywords and phrases that are necessary to compete in your field.
See who links to them and why. Does it make sense. Attempt to gain links from authoritative sites in your field.
Are there words or phrases you can rank for that they are not using?


There are only so many hours in each day and where/what we choose to invest our time in is important.

When it comes to your website, I invest my time in the things that will give you the greatest return in the future.

I can’t make your company successful, but I can create a website that is set up for success and that’s what I’ll do.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, in my opinion, is the easiest part of the search engine process. It is the only part of SEO that you can actually control.

We can’t control the algorithm search engines use, we can’t control when they change those algorithms, we can’t control any part of the search engine process EXCEPT for the information on each page of our website. That we can control.

The pieces that make this all up are the structure of your website, code, markup, and of course your content. If you don’t have good content, the chances of you ever ranking at the top of the search engine results are slim and none.

Here’s what can be controlled on every page of your website by your designer.
Title & Heading tags
Image Alt, Title tag, and description
Keyword density and placement
Audio and/or video content
Internal linking
Page snippet
Page URL
Load time
Mobile readiness
There are many other factors that can affect your on-page efforts, your web host, third party plugins, fonts, etc. A good designer will be aware of these things and work with you to ensure your site runs smooth, fast, and can rank.

My Promise

There are no guarantees in life but I can promise you that if you trust me with your website needs, I will:
Provide you with a high-quality website you will be proud of.
Ensure your website works correctly on all devices.
Complete your website in the timeframe agreed upon (as long as you provide me all content, information, and photos in a timely manner)
Ensure your website is set up correctly for SEO success.

Trust is Given

When you choose me over others to do business with, you are trusting me to do what we have agreed upon.

I will honor that trust and promise to do all in my power to ensure you are happy with that decision.

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