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At MannClann Enterprises, we  collaborate with you to create a compelling, high-converting website tailored to your unique needs.

When everything is finished, you will have an online presence that attracts your ideal customers and drives measurable results to your door.

General Pricing Information


Owning and operating a successful business website is essential for you as the owner. On this page, you will find all the information needed to plan your new website and select the right design partner. You will  become a more informed buyer of web development services in the Colorado Springs market.

I'd be honored to partner with you on this journey, but on this page, my main goal is to make you an informed buyer no matter which Colorado Springs web developer you choose. With the insights provided below, you will be able to confidently navigate the web design process.

Having a strong online presence is crucial for your success in today's digital world. Your website is often the first impression a potential customer gets. This makes it critical to have a website that not only looks great but also functions perfectly.

Don't let a subpar or no website at all, hold your business back. Embrace the power of the Internet and invest in a website that represents your brand accurately and drives new visitors your way consistently.

Scroll down this page and let us help you become an informed buyer of web development services in the Colorado Springs market.
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Web Design Goals

Goals are what you desire to have on your website. You can have many goals, but do your goals and your budget align?

Web Design Budget

Budget is what you will spend to achieve the goals you have set for your website. Sometimes they line up and sometimes they don’t.

Goals for Your Colorado Springs Business Website Design

As a Colorado Springs business owner, having a well-defined website strategy is crucial for online success. Before you begin your search for the perfect web design company, take time to clearly outline your goals.

What is the primary purpose of your new website? Are you looking to generate leads, create e-commerce sales, enhance brand awareness, or something else?

Whatever you objectives, prioritize them and consider any specific technical requirements that may be needed to execute your vision effectively within budget.

For example: an e-commerce site requires secure payment integration and a user-friendly checkout process. By mapping out your core website goals from the start, an experienced web designer can develop a high-performing online presence tailored to your unique business needs while planning for future growth and expansion.

With a strategic roadmap in place, you're setting your website up to be a lead generation or sales engine for years to come.

Look at Your Organizational Goals

Your company's website should be a powerful tool that directly supports and facilitates your core organizational goals.

Maybe you want to drive more qualified leads, improve customer service and engagement, or establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

Whatever your objectives are, it's critical to map out how your new website design can actively work to achieve those goals.

For instance, your goal is to sell more products. Your website can easily be used as a marketing vehicle and sell your products daily with no additional sales representatives required.

Translating Organizational Goals to Your Website

Effectively adapting your business objectives to an online platform requires strategic planning around your website's structure and functionality.

The level of effort and resources needed will depend on using the right technical capabilities with each specific goal. The good news is: the long-term benefits of a goal-oriented website can far outweigh initial implementation costs.

Whether your objectives include lead generation, customer self-service, multimedia showcases or other initiatives, there are website technologies that can facilitate achieving those targets. An experienced web developer can guide you through mapping your organizational goals to the ideal tools and create a highly effective Colorado Springs web platform to support your vision.

What are your goals?

Product Sales
Company Information
Attract New Customers
Customer Service
Marketing and Communication
Local and/or Global Presence
Event Planning
Property Sales
Booking or Schedules
Members Area

A Great Looking Website is not the only Goal

As an experienced web designer, I know great visuals alone are not enough to make a website successful.

While a professional, well-organized, and visually-appealing design is crucial, it's just one component of an effective online strategy.

You also need to map out conversion goals, optimize for search visibility, plan content marketing, and more.

There are many interconnected pieces required to create a high-performing website - and I'll be your guide every step of the way.

Schedule a consultation so we can explore building a powerful digital presence in Colorado Springs with your business website.

Average Web Design Prices Nationwide (2024)

Small Business Website
(including 8-16 pages): $2,000 — $9,000
Small businesses rarely require complex pages or features.

Corporate Business Website
(25-75 pages): $10,000 — $35,000
Various needs that require more knowledge and technology.

Basic eCommerce Website
(100 - 1000 products): $5,000 — $55,000
This type of website can easily exceed the max, depending upon requirements.

* None of the prices above reflect any copywriting, images, or SEO.

If you want your web designer or developer to handle these for you, the price can go up quite a bit.

It’s best to be prepared with your own copy and images.

Understanding Website Design Costs

Understanding the costs of professional web design in Colorado Springs is one of the biggest questions the average business owner has. While average pricing can range from $X to $Y for a basic website, the reality is that effective web design is not a one-size-fits-all investment.

There is no standardization when it comes to the cost of creating a website. There are many factors that come into play which make it difficult to create any kind of standard pricing. Not only are the requirements for each website different, each web designer or developer have varying skill levels.

Many people are anxious in setting the budget because they really don’t know what they will get for their money and whether the web designer they choose can actually deliver on their promises. These days anyone with a computer and internet connection can call themselves a web designer.

You Get What You Pay For

Ultimately, the cost of your new website should be weighed against the potential revenue it can generate, and growth it can deliver. If it is set up correctly and key goals like lead captures, sales funnels, brand awareness, customer service and retention are hit - then a professional, goal-oriented website is one of the best investments you can make in your business's long-term success.

Getting Started

Determine your website goals, requirements and budget in the beginning, it will be time well spent. If you have clear objectives and can communicate them early on to your design partner, your new site can quickly pay for itself many times over. I work closely with my clients to understand their business, so I can recommend the ideal solutions to meet their needs, and develop ROI-driven websites tailored to their budgets.

Not sure where to start? Contact me today and we can discuss your vision, goals, timeline and budget to map out the website strategy that will provide the best return for your investment.

Planning Your Website's Content Strategy

Visual design and technical functions are critical to your website. However, your website content may be the most influential factor to visitors coming to your site.

Quality pages, blog posts, product information, multimedia, and other sources shape your brand's voice. Your website should establish you as an expert in the field you are in, and ultimately convert visitors into leads and customers.

User-Focused Content Marketing:

Effective content strategies focus on what your audience wants to see, hear, read, or somehow consume. Are they looking for educational resources, visuals, or comprehensive product information? Insuring that your content meets their needs, you will see improvement in search engine rankings, and engagement metrics.

Some designers can/will do everything for you, posts, articles, images, videos, etc. but that all comes with a price and it’s usually pretty hefty.
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Content Creation Options:

Designer Supplied Content
Upside: Many experienced designers can produce polished, search-optimized content.
Downside: They may lack critical business knowledge of your industry to capture your brand voice and value proposition.

Client Supplied Content
Upside: You provide the content that shows your expertise.
Downside: More time and effort are required from you and you may need assistance optimizing the content.

Hybrid Approach
You provide the basic content required, the messaging, and brand guidelines.
That information is then optimized by us for SEO, correct structure, and engaging delivery.

Content Writers You May Need

Blog Writer

A blog writer can usually make a complex topic easier to understand. Good ones create engaging posts that keep your reader on your site longer. Many blog writers are fairly competent in understanding basic SEO on page tactics. This can be very helpful, as they can do some keyword research and optimize the content for SEO discovery.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are excellent at taking highly technical information and repurposing it into an understandable form that your basic visitor can digest. These writers can provide in-depth explanations of technology — how to use it, how to build it, the processes, the components, the inner workings, and the mechanics. They are also adept at creating content such as:
  1. How To Guides
  2. FAQ's
  3. Technical Manuals


Copywriters can usually write on a big variety of topics. They are the most versatile of all writers (in my opinion) because they understand how to connect the dots so that your reader understands what is being explained. Some copywriters specialize in sales pages, which can be very expensive but well worthwhile for high-ticket items.

Social Media Writer

This kind of writer can create and release content to your social accounts daily if needed. Their speciality is to get you to “look” and create conversations and interactions. A good social media writer is on top of trends, social algorithms, and capabilities to ensure success in messaging. If you end up hiring a social media writer, make sure you trust them. They will basically be your brand spokesperson and can help or hurt your reputation.

Email Writer

An email writer has one goal and one goal only – motivate the reader to action. They are specialists in creating engaging headlines and call to action phrases that motivate your reader to a desired action (replies, phone calls, links, etc.) They also have expertise in A/B testing to ensure you get optimal conversion rates.

Content Pages to Consider

Home Page
About Page
Contact Page
Services Page
Team Page
Blog Page
Product Pages
Portfolio Page(s)
Testimonial Page
FAQ Page
Gallery Page(s)
Terms of Use Page
Privacy Policy Page
Sitemap Page
Custom 404 Page

There are many other pages that could be added to your site, but this list will at least get you thinking about what you really need or want.

It is important for you to discuss in advance the content requirements and whether you will provide all that is necessary or you need to work with someone that can help you. The content you put on your site will be one of the most important decisions you make and needs to be considered as part of your budgeting process.
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Choosing the Right Web Design Partner
 in Colorado Springs

There are many talented individuals and web design companies that can create a custom or semi-custom website designs and responsive websites. How do you find the right fit for you?

Finding that perfect fit hinges on a couple of things. One of them is do you, or will you, be able to get along with your designer? This is a very important piece of the puzzle, because if you don’t have a good relationship, the entire process will be unpleasant for you both.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.
~ Henry Ford, American industrialist and business magnate

Very few small businesses can afford custom web design for their business website. What I mean by this is the designer does not use any kind of theme but completely hand codes the site. Most web designers including myself start with a theme or template and customize it for each client. No two sites look alike even though they may use the same theme or website template.

I’ve had a few potential clients come to me after purchasing a theme and attempting to create a website themselves, but quickly realized that the themes are far from easy to work with  when you have a certain look or functionality in mind. It has taken me years to hone my skills, and I still learn new things each day as themes and technology advance.

With proper web design, it’s not all about pretty pictures or flashy pages. You must also consider how people will find you. Just because you build it does not mean anyone will find it. There is a strategy for search optimization (SEO) that needs to be in place as each page of the site is being built.

Some designers can do that effectively, and some cannot. Having a professional designer that is also a professional search engine optimization specialist is a tremendous advantage to you.
Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.
~Steven Covey, American educator, author, business manager, and keynote speaker

Your website is the foundation of all marketing and communication efforts. Your marketing strategy will use tools like social media, email, newsletters, etc. You start by having an amazing website with responsive design in place that is set up correctly from the start. As a result-focused individual, I work hard to ensure your site is ready to convert visitors into customers from the moment it goes live.

Mannclann Enterprises is an exceptional web design company and SEO agency based in Colorado Springs, CO. With decades of experience creating websites and performing search engine optimization.  I can promise you that your site will impress your target audience, be set up to rank well on search engines, and represent your business in a way that will make you proud.

The Importance of a Cohesive Process
It is crucial for you to identifying a partner that you can get along with as well as someone who can understand and implement your goals through your website. Poor communication and unfulfilled expectations can create undo stress on both sides.

Industry Expertise and Specializations
It's always a plus if the designer has expertise or experience in your specific industry and the type of website you need (e.g. informational, e-commerce, multimedia). An experienced specialist will advise you on best practices and help foresee potential roadblocks that those not familiar with your industry may miss.

Design Approach: Custom vs. Themes
Many businesses assume they need a fully custom, hand-coded website for their online presence. However, most professional designers create semi-custom websites using a foundation theme or template and then customize the look, content layout, and functions for each client. This hybrid approach combines cost-efficiency with a custom personalized look.

EXAMPLE: an experienced e-commerce designer might start with a proven shopping cart theme and then customize the branding, product catalogs, checkout process, and everything else to specifically match with your business. The end result is a distinct, conversion-optimized site without the expense option of building everything from scratch.

Support, Maintenance and Scalability
Finally, look for a responsive, reliable partner that can provide training, hosting, maintenance and support as your business grows. Websites, technology, security, all things are constantly evolving. Your website is not a one-and-done investment. If you do not use a 3rd party web maintenance company, insure you have a stable team or people in place to handle the day-to-day operations of your website. This will help ensure your long-term success.

By evaluating all the above factors in the beginning, you can find the right web design partner in Colorado Springs to create a powerful, goal-oriented website that drives real results for your brand.


Here’s what to expect from a website I build for you:
  • Personal attention from me. I will take the time required to get to know you and your business goals.
  • Involvement in your project. We will work closely together on each project.
  • I will build your website right the first time.
  • Your website will look amazing and function properly.
  • All on-page and technical SEO will be in place on every page.
The focus will be on converting your visitors into new customers. Once the website is complete, you can take over and update anything you want or you can have me do it, (which is what many of my clients prefer).

My Promise

There are no guarantees in life but I can promise you that if you trust me with your website needs, I will:
Provide you with a high-quality website you will be proud of.
Ensure your website works correctly on all devices.
Complete your website in the timeframe agreed upon (as long as you provide me all content, information, and photos in a timely manner)
Ensure your website is set up correctly for SEO success.

Trust is Given

When you choose me over others to do business with, you are trusting me to do what we have agreed upon.

I will honor that trust and promise to do all in my power to ensure you are happy with that decision.

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